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The Bernardin family comes from Gosaldo, near Belluno, from where Pasquale, a chair maker, moved to Bonassola in the 1870s.

The history of the Hotel starts after the war, when Elia Bernardin and his wife, Emma Zoppi, decided to open the first public house in Bonassola, thus allowing Emma to give vent to her remarkable culinary skills in offering traditional Ligurian recipes, in particular home-made pasta.

Curiously, at the time there happened to be three young ladies working there all called “Rosa”: it was after them that the new establishment was named – “delle Rose”, that is, “of the Roses”.

In time, the public house moved to a different site and became a small inn, but it was only in 1954 that the TALENTED FOOTBALL PLAYER GIORGIO BERNARDIN, , started the construction of the Hotel delle Rose that we know today, right in the centre of the traffic-free area in Bonassola.
After leaving the Ferrara team Spal for the prestigious Inter Football Club, Giorgio played influentially for eight years in Serie A, the Italian Premier League, before turning into full-time hotel keeper with his brothers Beppe and Angelo.

The ‘80s saw Giorgio’s two sons, Enrico and Roberto, succeed their father in the running of the family business: the Hotel is once again renewed to meet modern quality standards. The “new” kitchen, however, proudly carries on the old tradition: in particular, home-made pasta is still prepared many times a week according to the original recipe.

Nowadays, Enrico and Roberto are proudly carrying on their father’s work with the same care and dedication.
As for the future, it belongs to their daughters: Anna, Francesca, and Aurora.

Hotel delle Rose: a Family History since 1955


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